Hypnosis For Sleep

Lately, I’ve had a number of people inquiring about trying hypnosis for good sleep. Hypnosis is a natural, drug-free way to help you relax and prepare for sleep. It’s research proven to help! Using hypnosis or self hypnosis reduces stimulation in the brain and helps lull you to sleep. This article lists good habits for a good night’s sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep will help your daily life and improve your health in many ways. It’s been shown by science that most people are sleep deprived. They’re not getting enough of the deep restorative sleep needed to get through their days with enough energy.

A good night’s sleep will help in the following ways:

Healthy sleep promotes productivity. Working on lap top at desk.
  • A good night’s sleep helps keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Good sleep will fight off illnesses, disease, skin breakouts, cold sores, etc.
  • Good sleep provides enough energy for the day, strengthens emotional health and stabilizes your mood.
  • Helps to ease stress and anxiety so you’ll feel less easily stressed, a lot less anxious and less easily depressed.
  • People with good sleep habits tend to have more energy and are more productive. They worry less and tend to be happier.
  • A healthy night of sleep should include 5 to 6 REM/dream cycles per night. Science has shown that the average person is getting only 3 to 4 cycles per night. Many people are sleep deprived!
  • The sleep waves needed for dream/REM cycles are the Theta and Delta waves. Slower waves equal deeper sleep. If you awaken during these cycles, you will end up feeling extremely fatigued and tired. For example, if you take a 30 minute nap, you’ll likely wake up during a REM cycle and feel even more tired that if you had taken a 10-20 minute nap. Keep your naps short (20 minutes or less) so you wake up before you enter REM sleep. Or else sleep up to 120 minutes so you can get through the REM cycle. This way you can feel clear, refreshed and alert from a nap.

Proper Sleeping Patterns is a Habit

Proper sleeping habits need to be repeated over and over to become a good, ingrained habit. All of our habits reside in our subconscious minds. Hypnosis communicates to the subconscious to help facilitate good sleeping habits. And listening to a hypnosis recording before bed gets directly to the subconscious mind.

Here are some helpful tips to facilitate good sleep.

  • Do something relaxing before bed. Try taking a warm bath or listen to relaxing music.
  • Listen to a good hypnosis recording for sleep as you fall asleep.
  • Use relaxing scents such as lavender, vanilla, chamomile or bergamot. You can mist these scents on your skin or on your pj’s, or linens.
  • Before bedtime, write down anything you need to get done or thoughts that may keep you awake. This helps “dump” them from your mind. Tasks, deadlines, bills to pay, etc are already listed down so you can take care of them later. Then you won’t worry about them through the night. Any worry you have, write it down. Putting it down on paper helps get it out of your head.
  • Never go to bed angry.
  • Limit alcohol intake before bed. Studies show that too much is linked to poor sleep quality and duration. It can also cause acid reflux.
  • Never drink coffee or other strong caffeinated beverages after 2 pm.
  • Only use your bed for sleeping, making love, and reading before bed to ease your mind. Don’t look at social media or read or watch the news.
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • If you wear clothing to bed, be sure its comfortable and not tight or restricting.
  • Think of something pleasant and relaxing as you fall asleep, like a peaceful vacation spot or scene. It helps to look at a relaxing picture before you go to bed and then hold that image in your mind.
  • Think of an auto suggestion in your mind. A positive, calm statement such as “I am calm, I am relaxed, I am sleepy” repeated very slowly, over and over will dull your mind and help you stay asleep longer.
little white kitten sleeping

Keep Up Good Sleeping Habits

Remember, good sleeping habits need to be repeated over and over to work! You may still have the occasional night when you won’t sleep well. This is normal for everyone. It’s ok, and know that you’ll sleep well the next night. And most nights you have restful, restorative sleep!

What are some tips you have for a good night’s sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

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