We All Have That Mean Person That Lurks Inside Each Of Us

Unless you’re ultra confident beyond the average person, or you’re a robot, I think you’ll get what I’m talking about. I have this mean person that lives inside me. She holds me back, causes me to doubt myself, makes me afraid to move forward and tells me I’m not good enough. Fortunately, she doesn’t show up very often. Or sometimes she’s just real quiet. But sometimes she gets loud. It’s not even a coherent thought every time-it’s just a feeling-but I KNOW exactly what that feeling means. And it can cause big set backs for my well-being if I don’t face up to her and tell her to just go f$%& herself! (sorry to sound crass but I have to be forceful with this bad chick!)

Feeling negative

This Inner Meanie Will Come Out of Nowhere!

Things can be going great. I’ll be getting lots of calls and inquiries from clients, getting good reviews and feeling positive. My life feels balanced, with my marriage, adult children, friendships. Then, out of the blue, an unwanted thought will pop into my mind. It attempts to sow doubt. Things are going too well, this wont last. Like a nasty fly, landing in my perfect glass of wine, from a bottle I’ve been saving for a nice occasion. This Meanie will try to ruin my flow, my peace, my balance, that I work so carefully to grow and nurture.

Fly in the glass of wine

Acknowledge Your Inner Meanie

I believe it’s important to acknowledge your inner meanie when he/she shows up. Pushing her down will only cause her to hide in the shadows but you’ll still feel her. To really take her power away, just step up and into her. Face her. Ask her why she’s saying that shit. You’ll discover what it is if you sit quietly for a bit. You may uncover a memory from the past where you felt not good enough. Someone maybe said something crappy to you to bring you down. Or you compared yourself to someone else and it caused you to feel less. Be aware of it. Accept that you felt that way then. But then, stop. Think of a time you felt so good. A memory of a small accomplishment, not even a huge one. Maybe a time when a client or customer gave you some positive feedback, and thanked you so much for helping them. Or you handled a challenging task all on your own. Or you tried something new, or overcame an obstacle you usually have a difficult time with.

THEN, Tell Him or Her to f#@* Off!

Close your eyes and focus on that good, positive memory. Feel it and grow it stronger and stronger. Give that feeling a shape and a color if you like. Anchor it in your mind. Smile to yourself! You are amazing! You are unique. The world is a better place because YOU are in it! Then look that Meanie in the eye and tell her to get out. There is no place for her. And imagine that mean chick or dude just …dissipating. Just breaking up, thinning out and vanishing. You took away their power.

Hypnosis Can Help You Re-train Your Thoughts

If you have a hard time getting rid of your own Meanie that lives inside of you, consider going to a Certified Hypnotherapist. A trained hypnotherapist can help you push that nasty roommate out of your head. They can help you learn to re-train your thoughts and flip them anytime you feel yourself getting beat up by that mean bully.

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