Deal With Problems From The Start To Stop Procrastination

Hey, we all do it from time to time. Procrastinate, that is. Putting something off to “tomorrow” when we know we should get it done today. We realize it’s a bigger problem when we find ourselves wanting to bury our heads in the sand. We get in a loop of anxiety and worry instead of dealing with the problem head-on.

Susan needs to make her annual medical checkup, but figures she can wait awhile. But months go by and one day she feels a lump in her breast and suddenly she’s paralyzed in fear. She knows she needs to pick up the phone and make a doctor’s appointment. But instead decides she’ll wait and see if it goes away by itself. Before long, she’s in a pattern of denial and anxiety.

John sees a utility bill sitting on the counter that he knows he should take care of.  He figures he’ll get to it in a day or two. After all, he’s got other things to do. But a month and half  later, he finds it buried under a bunch of other mail and now he’s worried he’ll have late fees or worse, maybe it’s gone to collections. But instead of taking care of the problem right away, he frets a bit. Then decides to pop open a beer and tells himself he’ll take care of it tomorrow.

Very disorganized office and desk space with papers strewn everywhere. Hypnosis helps organization!

Sound familiar? These are just made-up examples. But they ring all to true to many.

Procrastination Creates Unhealthy Habits

What was at first just a little procrastination has now become  a unhealthy habit. It’s causing harmful, maybe severe, emotional turmoil and anxiety.  Perhaps some hypnosis may be in order.

The time and energy that procrastination drains from you is far more physically and emotionally taxing than the time and energy required to perform the task. You will find that this is always true!

Woman sitting on floor and looking stressed while drinking wine. Hypnosis helps with stress and procrastination!

The feeling that you get when you choose to procrastinate is your subconscious mind thinking that it’s protecting you. It’s saying, “you can deal with this later!” But your subconscious mind is protecting you from something you don’t need protection from. What’s worse, by protecting you from that feeling, your subconscious mind is creating even more discomfort for you. And it becomes a cyclic bad habit.

Hypnosis Re-trains Your Mind and Helps Procrastination

Young woman in a hypnosis session for stress and procrastination.
Hypnosis helps retrain your thoughts

Hypnosis helps you re-train your subconscious mind. Over time, you will learn to not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. And new, healthy habits are formed.

Most people need some assistance in breaking the procrastination cycle. I’m happy to provide that assistance using the wonderfully powerful tool of hypnosis. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation and I can answer any questions you may have.

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