Recently, I’ve been curious about childhood anxiety and worry and how it develops in us. I think for myself, it likely manifested from worrying so much in childhood. When I was 7 years old I believed that if I prayed enough I could protect my family. I imagined I was powerful enough to keep anything bad from happening to us. My parents’ fighting, my father’s drinking, fearful of a giant blowout causing my parents to talk divorce was terrifying to me. By worrying about it, I thought I could somehow keep any of the bad stuff from happening. I remember forcing myself to stay awake on long family road trips when my dad was driving at night. Staying awake, I could protect us. What imaginations we have when we are young!

Worry Led to Depression

This worrisome style of thinking continued into adolescence and early adulthood. It led to depression and I missed out on a lot of normal enjoyment in my childhood and teen years due to my excessive worry and anxiety. When with a group of friends up to normal teen mischief, I was good-naturedly given the nickname “Gavinoia”, for my being paranoid about getting “caught”. Gavin is my maiden name. Thankfully, with self-hypnosis and meditation, I’m more relaxed these days. Not that I don’t ever worry mind you, but it’s of the more normal variety, thank goodness!

little boy with a mask and cape imagines he's a superhero

I now wonder if my childhood anxiety and panic attacks were my mind’s way of trying to protect me. After all, a panic attack induces the fight or flight feeling in us, for our own safety. They’re only an issue when there is no rationale for them. But they are there for a reason and I think we need to dive deep and find out why.  Frequently, the reason is rooted somewhere in our childhood development.

If we look at anxiety and panic attacks in that light, it takes some of the fear of them away, doesn’t it? It’s simply our mind’s way of trying to work through our own issues. And hypnosis and hypnotherapy are excellent tools for working through our issues. The answers we discover can vary. The answer for me was acknowledging I grew up with some family dysfunction, and I was coping with excessive worry. Others may have experienced traumatic childhood situations. Hypnotherapy techniques can help people work through traumatic childhood episodes, so they can find peace.

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