More and more research is indicating that non-medical approaches like hypnotherapy can be helpful during standard medical treatment of breast cancer. An oncology magazine for physicians, Cancer World, listed hypnotherapy as a way to aid in supporting emotional health and relieving stress from a breast cancer diagnosis. This helps to boost the immune system and general well-being of the patient. It’s a more holistic approach, not by replacing current medical treatments but by incorporating them along with traditional cancer treatments.

woman's hands in lap in pink pajamas

Hypnosis can help the emotional well-being for people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or any type of cancer.

I worked for 15 years for a prominent surgical oncologist who specialized in treating breast cancer. I’ve met and helped hundreds of women over those years and I understand the huge emotional impact a cancer diagnosis can cause. I truly believe hypnosis can help ease stress and anxiety during surgery and treatment. See the link below to read the full article.

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