Double Nickel Weight Gain

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I’m getting close to “double-nickel” as my husband, Bill, calls it; turning 55. And I hate to admit it, but I’m beginning to notice the changes as my body has been gradually switching  from a growing and renewing stage to (ugh) the aging stage. I’ve been aware since my 50 year doctor check-up, of the loss of muscle mass that affects metabolism and that it’s important to include more weight-lifting in my workouts to keep from losing muscle mass. More muscle mass equals faster metabolism.  Since metabolism slows in middle age, weight gain happens very easily.

At the same time, after years of hiking, skiing, jogging and just general living, my joints are also aging. I need to be mindful of keeping them healthy as well! Getting out of the car after a several hour road trip recently and painfully reminded me of this.

Mindful Eating and Exercise

Bill and I make it to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and sometimes that’s a challenge. Life is so busy and it takes a concentrated effort to keep the gym a priority. We also walk a lot which helps, but same thing, it takes time and life is busy!

Having to be mindful of what we eat is another thing.  Oh how I miss the days when I could literally eat anything and as much as I wanted and never gain weight. That changed significantly right after turning 40.

Here are some good tips from Prevention magazine that you may find helpful for middle age weight gain.

Hypnosis (Guided Meditation) Can Help!

Hypnosis is a great motivating tool to get on the right track for exercising and making healthy eating choices. Getting down to the subconscious level of our minds creates a new mindset. A mindset of positive choices. This, in addition to imagining the results of these choices, is a powerful way to reach weight loss and exercise goals. You’ll feel so energized and excited to make these changes!

These are tools that are life-long that you can continue to use every day.

Imagine yourself moving around easily. Wearing the clothes you love to wear. Feeling stronger than you have in years, even in middle age. These things can be accomplished with the help of hypnosis.

Contact me if you’re ready to make the changes to make these goals a reality!

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