Off the Grid

Normally I try creating a blog every couple weeks or so but I’ve been off the grid for quite sometime now. So much has changed so quickly in our lives! I see that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything and quite honestly, I have to say, my motivation has sunk about the lowest since I decided to start my hypno business. Because of the loss of my normal daily patterns, I find myself letting out these huge, long-winded sighs. It reminds me of the early 2000’s when I was going through a divorce and a good friend had come to visit from out of state for support. She noticed my big, depressing sighs and commented on them. I was depressed over the “loss” of my marriage. Now I’m feeling the “loss” of not going about my daily life and work like “normal”.

So yeah, this is a depressing time. And we are all collectively feeling a giant loss. A loss of our normal patterns of the day, loss of regular visits with friends and family, normal shopping, hair and nail appointments, going to the gym. Loss of our jobs (my husband has lost his job during this time).

Feel the Feels!

 I realize it’s normal to feel down. I think it’s important to acknowledge our emotions and feelings and really “feel the feels” like they say. It helps to stop and ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? Or, what label best describes this feeling I have right now? And when labeling, go deeper than only happy, sad or angry. There is disappointment, frustration, irritability and overwhelmed, just to name a few. Read or look up Dr. Marc Brackett. He is an expert in the study of emotions. Here is a video of him speaking about the about the labeling of emotions

Sometimes I find myself thinking, well it could be worse, and although that may be true, I don’t think that’s mentally healthy either. We can’t compare whose pain is worse. We just need to accept our loss, try and push through best we can with good common sense practices and hope that things will begin to turn around.

Purple lilac blooms
Smell and enjoy the flowers and nature!

Get fresh air and exercise, even if it’s a short walk around your block. Take in the sights of spring! Things are blooming and there is more color in the landscape every day. Try and eat healthy and limit your alcohol; it’s easy to slip into bad habits without a shape or plan of your day. Go to bed at a decent hour and stick to a regular bedtime routine. Here is a recording to fall asleep to:

Be mindful of how you’re feeling and process them, don’t just push them away. Try to meditate/use self-hypnosis or pray daily, and take deep relaxing breaths. Use social media or make calls or texts to check in on those you love. My daughter introduced me to the Houseparty app and we have fun talking to each other that way. We can even play games with each other on the app.

yellow hand waving on the houseparty app
Houseparty App is fun to use!

Furry Emotional Therapy

My husband and I decided now was the time to adopt a dog. Heck, we’ve got the time to focus on a pet now! We are now proud dog owners of Odin, a 4-6 year old chihuahua mix. Isn’t he cute?! He brings a lot of fun to our quarantine lives. Pets are so comforting too.

chihuahua mix dog Odin

Fortunately, these days, my type of work can be done outside the office, with technology . I can FaceTime or video hypnosis sessions and can also pre-record personalized sessions for clients and they can listen when it’s convenient for them. If you’re reading this and feel you can benefit from a hypno session, please contact me here on my website 😊

And how are you coping during this time? I’d love to hear your suggestions! Please leave comments below 😊

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